RADWAG AP-12.5Y Automatic Device for Multichannel Pipette Calibration


The AP-12.5Y is designed to calibrate multichannel pipettes starting at 10 μl. The device features a readability [d] of 0.01 mg and can calibrate up to 12-channel fixed-volume and variable-volume pipettes.

Because the pipette calibration on the AP-12.5Y is fully automatic, it is four times faster. On this instrument, calibrating a 12-channel pipette takes 1.5 hours instead of 6 hours.

When purchasing the AP-12.5Y, you get:
  • two calibrated sensors: THB S and THB W,
  • two weighing pans: standard, and for balance test and calibration,
  • two pumps: a single-channel pump and a four-channel pump
The ergonomic design of the AP-12.5Y makes it possible to empty weighing vessels, and their overfilling is signalled by Ambient Light. When calibrating a multichannel pipette, a four-channel pump is used to simultaneously remove water from four vessels, greatly reducing the time required for pipette calibration.
After emptying a 12-channel pipette, the AP-12.5Y checks all channels in a single cycle. In addition to a database of pipette calibration reports, the AP-12.5Y includes a database of pipettes that is editable and contains maximum permissible error values according to ISO 8655. The report database, in turn, contains measurements and error values calculated for individual points and volumes. The user determines the format and content of the reports.
The AP-12.5Y monitors the ambient conditions using calibrated sensors: THB S (ambient conditions measurement) and THB W (liquid temperature measurement), in accordance with ISO 8655. To calibrate the device with mass standards, the weighing pan must be replaced with a pan dedicated to checking and calibrating the balance (both are included in the standard equipment).
The AP-12.5Y can calibrate not only 12-channel pipettes, but also single-channel pipettes.
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